Our 注入诊所 is available to provide intravenous medication in a comfortable atmosphere.

 Infusion Therapy is provided on an outpatient basis and is flexible to fit the scheduling needs of each patient. Simply ask your care provider if your infusion treatments could be provided locally. They will determine if infusion services at Harney District Hospital are appropriate for your healthcare needs. Our Infusion Therapy Nurses are trained in Bend, 俄勒冈州 at St. Charles 癌症 Center. They perform infusion treatments and monitor patients during and after their therapy.

Medicine vials on the perfusion device in ICU.

Infusion Treatments

Infusion clinic patients receive medications intravenously to address a variety of health needs:

  • 关节炎
  • 血建筑商
  • 癌症
  • 克罗恩氏病
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • 骨质疏松症
  • Outpatient Antibiotics
  • Post-Surgical Needs



Ask your health care provider or specialist about receiving infusion treatments at Harney District Hospital.

Using Infusion 服务

Infusion Therapy begins with prescribed orders by a qualified physician who oversees medical care of the patient

A schedule and dosage instructions are provided by the patient’s primary care provider or specialist.

Infusion Therapy is provided by Harney District Hospital and local Infusion Therapy Nurses under the direction of the patient’s care provider – the patient’s physician remains in charge of their care for the duration of the treatment.



伙伴关系St. Charles 癌症 Center in Bend, 俄勒冈州, allows chemotherapy services to be provided at Harney District Hospital under the direction of your oncologist.

然而, any patient may receive infusion services at HDH with a referral from his or her healthcare provider.